Kamis, 08 Oktober 2015

Internet and Middle-Aged Women: Slang, Creative, and Religious

Along with the advancement of information and communication technology, one of the signs of that advancement is the increasing of Facebook use. One of these users is the group of women 35-45 years old (middle age). The existence of Facebook is expected to lead a positive impact, especially for the women. The dynamic of middle-aged group is in the terms of adjusting to the physical changes, changes of interest, and the relationships within the family, social, and others. Then, the issue discussed in this research is how the use of Facebook for middle-aged adults in improving the quality of life? The theoretical framework used ICT, Facebook, online self-disclosure, women, and internet, needs. This study used constructivist paradigm with phenomenological method. Technique of data collection was done by using in-depth interviews toward middle-aged women. The result shows that the description of Facebook for middle-aged women is as a media of self-disclosures as well as the media of socializing with the existing netizens. Then, Facebook becomes a media to get the additional income and also becomes usable information exchange in their spiritual lives. It can be concluded that middle-aged women are able to have social interaction (slang), money-earning (creative), and information-accessible spiritually (relijius), even though its use still experience a wide range of challenges and threats. Thus, this study may give big contribution toward the use of Facebook as media of improving women’s quality life, especially for middle-aged women, and Facebook is not only on utilization vain. 

Keywords: Internet, Women, Middle Age

Bacaan Lengkap:
1. The 2nd Indonesia Media Research Award & Summit (IMRAS) 2015, TREND POLA KONSUMSI MEDIA DI INDONESIA TAHUN 2015, Penerbit; Serikat Perusahaan Pers (SPS) Pusat.
2. FISIP Universitas Nasional Jakarta

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